What is sports physical therapy?

Sports physical therapy is a specialization within the physical therapy profession. Sports physical therapy focuses on injuries, recovery, prevention, and guidance in achieving a desired activity level. A sports physical therapist can identify features, specific movements and taxations that take place in the body during sports activities. As an athlete and therapist he/she knows how important sports are for you and your sports organization. You will see that in the treatment plan and rehabilitation schedule that will be designed for you. It will be tailored towards your physical and recovery potential, as well in the specific sports activities you practice. Features such as coordination/stability, speed, agility, strength, and endurance will be central in your rehabilitation schedule. When these features are back in balance one is generally ready to return to partake in sports activities. In addition to returning to active participation it is important to determine the cause of the injury. This will prevent the return of complaints or the development of new injuries.

What is the goal of the sports physical therapist?

The sports physical therapist aims to train you sport-specifically and functionally so you can recover to your original or desired activity level. He or she can even collaborate with your trainer on an adjusted training schedule. U will notice a certain level of comfort when you work with a specialist who treats you as an athlete. Prevention is the number one goal for the sports physical therapist

Who is sports physical therapy meant for?

  • People who have incurred an injury during a sports activity and who want to return to practicing sports as soon as possible
  • People who have incurred a non-sports related injury which hinders their participation in sports activities
  • People who want to run a marathon but do not know how to prepare themselves without incurring injuries
  • People who are not active in sports activities, but who would like to do so
  • Which movement programs are suitable for you, even if you have a chronic disease or a disability?

The treatment program of a sports physical therapist may contain:

  • Training programs with or without the use of training apparatus
  • Braces or (medical) taping
  • Dry needling
  • Mobilizing techniques
  • ARP therapy