ARP/RSQ1 – Therapy

ARP/RSQ1 stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance, meaning quicker recovery! It is a treatment method that uses a high frequency electrostimulation machine (the ARP/RSQ1) which unique action has shown a 50 to 60% faster recovery rate than regular treatment methods.

What is the ARP/RSQ1?

The ARP/RSQ1 generates a high frequency current that consists of two current waves. These current waves work concurrently and strengthen each other.

  • • Wave 1; a neurological current wave that normalizes the nervous system. This wave facilitates acceptance of the wave by the body. This wave is part of the body so it can traverse the tissue on a deep level. This wave is equal to the body’s own energy current. This distinguishes the ARP/RSQ1 from all other currency forms.
  • • Wave 2; a physiological current wave that provides 40 to 500 tensions per second. Because these two current waves work concurrently and the body does not see them as a threat, the muscles are able to relax. This results in an increase of blood flow to the treated area. This will decrease the pain and will improve movement possibilities, which is essential for a fast recovery.

What is the ARP/RSQ1 useful for?

  • Treatment of acute and chronic injuries
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Accelerated recovery after surgery
  • Improvement of athletic abilities
  • Faster recovery after physical exertion
  • Strength training
  • Battling fatigue, insomnia, and migraines

How does it improve my performance?

  • The ARP/RSQ1 normalizes compensation patterns, because pain results in movement modification
  • Compensation patterns give a wrong signal to the nervous system and can result in balance disruption in other parts of the body
  • The ARP/RSQ1 eliminates this signal and thus stimulates pain free movement
  • When the faulty signal is interrupted the ARP/RSQ1 strengthens the muscles
  • The ARP/RSQ1 drastically accelerates strength training through providing 500 contractions (tensions) per second
  • Strength training with the ARP/RSQ1 is not weight based

How is it different from regular therapy?

  • • We treat the cause and not the outcome, the ARP/RSQ1 allows us to find the cause
  • • The 500 contractions per second accelerate recovery at the cellular level, due to the improvement in blood flow and oxygen uptake. Waste is removed faster, while nutrients are supplied faster
  • • Complete recovery of normal movement patterns, which is not possible without ARP/RSQ1
  • • Active therapy, treatment and training at the same time
  • • High frequency current that penetrates the fibers on a deep level

The ARP/RSQ1 can provide accelerated recovery of your injury and can improve the quality of life with chronic pain complaints or conditions.

Faster recuperation that other regular treatments. Uniquely in Amstelveen South – Bovenkerk