What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation literally means recovery. At any given moment a person can be stricken with an illness or befall an accident. Incidents can range from a serious illness like cancer, to a car accident or medical surgery. Consequently daily functioning is no longer taken for granted, and simple activities can become major tasks. Daily functioning can be significantly curtailed. Rehabilitation aims to treat and support the person in the best possible manner, in order to regain the old level of functioning.

Unfortunately it often occurs that the physical limitations are so significant that the old level of functioning can no longer be obtained. That does not preclude treatment. Rehabilitation can also focus on assisting people in managing the complaints and limitations that impair daily functioning. Prior to therapy the client and therapist (or physician) will estimate the obtainable maximum level of functioning

Rehabilitation at Fysical Solutions

Rehabilitation can by a difficult process. It can involve more than just physical problems. Psychological problems often play a major role. Therefore it is important that multiple disciplines collaborate in the rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation physician will coordinate the treatment process and will assign the appropriate disciplines, like physical therapy. therapy.

It is possible for a rehabilitation physician to assign a physical therapist outside of his or her immediate team. In that case you can find your way to us. Rehabilitation at Fysical Solutions means that we will work with you, the client in designing a treatment plan. This plan will be based on your complaints/limitations and will complement the advice and goals as determined by the rehabilitation physician and other associated disciplines. We will offer constant monitoring and will report back to the rehabilitation physician periodically. We highly value structured treatment with good communication between the disciplines involved. We offer you the opportunity to work with our qualified therapists. It is the ultimate goal for you to learn and utilize your capacities to function optimally in your daily life.