Efficient and responsible sports participation under medical guidance

Medical fitness can be part of rehabilitation programs, such as after knee or hip surgeries, recovery of injuries, airway problems (COPD), diabetes, or complementing cardio rehabilitation. Medical fitness also focuses on other ailments including muscle and joint complaints, rheumatoid complaints, repetitive strain injury (RSI), and complaints that are the result of whiplash. But you can also consider problems with obesity and general overall improvement of fitness level.

Fysical Solutions offers u medical fitness as a part of your treatment for which you will receive specific guidance from one of our therapists. The trainings program will be specifically tailored towards your personal situation. The trainings program can be executed in small groups or you can opt for individual guidance.

The Fysical Solutions team considers it important that you train in the most optimal, but responsible manner. We therefore highly value the guidance our therapists will provide you during your sports activities. After you complete your treatment you can continue your sports activities with us in a responsible manner.

We also guide people with specific sports goals that are not directly related to pain complaints or movement problems. For instance: “I would like to run a half marathon in 6 months, how can I do that?”. Or “I notice that my fitness level is decreasing, how can I improve that?”

When you are interested to train with us you can contact us via email or telephone